Papa Hank picking BlueberriesPapa Hank’s Skyridge Farm is a certified organic farm producing organic fruits and vegetables.

We specialize in growing and propagating blueberries.  Through growing a diverse range of varieties we have berries throughout a long growing season. We offer 13 varieties that enable us to have a long growing and production time.  For example, the Duke variety starts off the season, producing in early June. Rahi and Powder Blue varieties produce into the month of September. Many other varieties are available including Misty, Legacy, Bluegold, Nui, Tiftblue, Bluecrop, Chandler and Darrow.

Skyridge Farm is located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills at an elevation of 2100 feet.  We are located about 45 miles east of Sacramento and get the benefit of both cold and warm weather.  Our climate provides a great benefit to growing quality berries, fruits and vegetables.


The farm has been recognized as a certified organic farm through California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) since May 2005 and maintains that status.  There are 3 acres in production.  We are careful to use organic materials, including green waste, which is composted, into our source of fertilizer, thus following a sustainable farming model.


Organic Blueberry Plants for Sale

We are currently in the process of propagating blueberry plants that will be for sale this coming season. Several varieties are available for early, mid and late harvest. Place your order now for blueberry plants.

Planting Season – The best time of the year to plant blueberries is in the late winter – early spring months depending on your local weather conditions. Papa Hank will be glad to advise you on the best time to plant blueberries in your region as well as providing planting instructions and soil preparation.